ESMA Opinion and Determination of third-country trading venues for the purpose of transparency under MiFID II/MiFIR List of third-country trading venues from 12/06/2020 “ESMA 70-155-9966 Annex to Opinion on MiFIR Transparency” 42. xzce zhengzhou commodity exchange zce zhengzhou ccfx china financial futures exchange shanghai xsec xshe shenzhen stock exchange - shenzhen - hong kong stock connect shenzhen may 2015 xine xsge shanghai international energy exchange … 16. 20. mic country iso country code (iso 3166) operating mic o/s name-institution description acronym city status date; 360t: germany: de: 360t: o: 360t: frankfurt: september 2007 41. 22. 4. 25. 40. XZCE ZHENGZHOU COMMODITY EXCHANGE XZIM ZIMBABWE STOCK EXCHANGE YLDX JSE YIELD-X ZKBX ZURCHER KANTONALBANK SECURITIES EXCHANGE ZOBX ZOBEX Ranking Fund identification codes, as applicable Share class identification codes, as applicable Share class national code Share class ISIN code China China Stainless Steel Exchange CSSX China Dalian Commodity Exchange XDCE China Shenzhen Stock Exchange - Shenzhen - Hong Kong Stock Connect XSEC China Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange XZCE China Shanghai Gold Exchange SGEX China China Foreign Exchange Trade System XCFE China Shanghai Futures Exchange XSGE žå•†å“äº¤æ˜“所 zhengzhou commodity exchange xzce czce 13. This International Standard specifies a universal method of identifying exchanges, trading platforms, regulated or non-regulated markets and trade reporting facilities as sources of prices and related information in order to facilitate automated processing 17. 10. 43. china cn xzce zhengzhou commodity exchange zce zhengzhou colombia co xbog bolsa de valores de colombia bvc bogota costa rica cr xbnv bolsa nacional de valores, s.a. bnv san jose croatia hr xtrz zagreb money and short term securities market inc zagreb FIA Tech Exchange Name FIA Tech Symbol PLD File Segment MICs EOPLD File Segment MICs PLD File Supported EOPLD File Supported; 0: AGRICULTURAL FUTURES EXCHANGE OF THAILAND 31. List of MICs (Market Identification Codes). 7. 29. 8. 34. xzce zhengzhou commodity exchange zce zhengzhou co colombia xbog bolsa de valores de colombia bvc bogota cr costa rica xbnv bolsa nacional de valores, s.a. bnv san jose cv cape verde xbvc cape verde stock exchange praia cw curacao dcsx dutch caribbean securities exchange a guest Feb 1st, 2020 1,742 Never Feb 1st, 2020 1,742 Never Online index of ISO 20022 codes including market name, country, operating MICs and segment MICs. Country MIC Name; AL: XTIR: Tirana Stock Exchange: DZ: XALG: Algiers Stock Exchange: AR: BACE: Bolsa De Cereales De Buenos Aires: AR: BCFS: Bolsa De Comercio De Santa Fe 15. Diagram. 30. Benefit from timely and accurate Global Market Holidays and Timings data. Click on logo above links to our Education page. zhengzhou zce zhengzhou commodity exchange xzce cn china foreign investors trading in a-share stock listed in shanghai stock exchange under shanghai-hong kong stock connect shanghai shanghai stock exchange - shanghai - hong kong stock connect xssc shanghai stock exchange shenzhen 6. exchange az xibe azerbaijan baku bahamas international securities exchange bs xbaa bisx bahamy nasau bahrain financial exchange bh bfex bahrain manama bahrain bourse bh xbah bse bahrain manama chittagong stock exchange ltd. bd xchg cse bangladÉÅ  chittagong dhaka stock exchange ltd bd xdha dse bangladÉÅ  dhaka 38. Our Futures data can be delivered over API, FTP, or software, and is available in granularity down to the tick where applicable. 32. 1. 11. 35. 27. 14. 33. 9. 5. 39. Used By 23. 3. OWL-RDF-1: Install D2R Server 0.8.1 & Convert An Entire MySQL Database Into RDF Records. 26. Separate account assets are maintained separately from the insurance company's general account so they cannot be used to pay claims associated with any other business of the insurance company. Étiquettes : Bank Identifier Code, BIC, exchange, ISO 9362, London Stock Exchange, stock exchange, SWIFT, TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE. source : MIC Institution Code Pays Ville ACCR XA1X A1 AR ARGENTINA BUENOS AIRES XADS ABU DHABI SECURITIES MARKET AE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ABU DHABI ADSM XDRF AIAF – MERCADO DE RENTA FIJ… 28. Leave a Comment » FreePay – Free Banking solution with SWIFT, Payment and ecommerce 36. 24. tokyo commodity exchange turkdex xfno xist borsa istanbul - futures and options market wse plpd xwar warsaw stock exchange/commodities/polish power exchange/energy market xnfx xnlx nuro nasdaq omx nlx zce xzce zhengzhou commodity exchange xcse xhel xice xsto nasdaq copenhagen a/s nasdaq helsinki ltd nasdaq iceland hf. ISO, Open Group, ITIL, etc.) 37. 21. 12. MySQL Tables For Hands-On Learning Labs. 18. Separate accounts are regulated by state insurance departments and may or may not be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Get Futures prices data available both historically and intraday from Barchart Solutions. Publié dans Finance, Wikipédia. ISO10383_MIC | Order (Exchange) | Securities (Finance) ... iso SecID PerformanceID Format: Universe: Data Status: Domiciles: All Domicles Globally SEDOL SEDOL Mapping File Layout: ExchangeID XFMQ Date CurrencyID Status 19. Reach out to Barchart today. DISCLAIMER: Any data demonstrating values of any widely-used set of standards (i.e. The Global Market Holidays and Timings service is divided in 5 products and provides accurate information on holiday observances affecting financial institutions such as Exchanges Trading … 2.